The thing I love most about painting is the mystery involved in it. The end product is always surprising to me :)

Looking back I notice now how I always loved drawing and creating. I enjoyed it so much growing up that I thought everyone loved creating as much as I did. Starting a career in these things never came to mind. It was while looking for colleges and unable to find any I liked that I stumbled upon Graphic Design. I could hardly believe you could just go to school and do all that fun stuff. So I auditioned at the last minute and surprisingly got in. Though I switched to study Communication later, I knew from that moment on that I wanted to work in the creative field. I kept on making and creating.
I started my own business focused on photography and now I concentrate mostly on painting.

I find so much joy in sharing my art with others. For years I hid all my paintings and wanted to keep them all to myself. I'm so glad I decided to open this shop anyway. It's such a blessing to know other people enjoy these creations as well :)

xx Merith

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